NTMA-U Now Offers Shop Safety Awareness


Every NTMA member company employee who successfully completes this course will receive Certification of Safety Awareness

One of the primary workforce issues that NTMA members face today besides finding and developing a highly skilled workforce is the safety of their existing employees. Workplace accidents are increasingly common. In 2013, for instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a total of 4.4 million nonfatal workplace injuries in private industries. Safety awareness and well-being of NTMA member company employees has been thrust to the forefront and members are looking for workforce development around the critical issue of safety awareness. Practices that promote safety can also help a member company establish competitive advantage by reducing costs while complying with safety laws.

Workplace safety can be extremely expensive. Unintentional injuries alone cost more than $146.6 billion per year for medical and insurance costs, workers compensation, survivor benefits, lost wages, damaged equipment and materials, production delays, other workers’ time losses, selection and training costs for replacement workers, and accident reporting.
OSHA strictly regulates organizational safety practices. As everyone knows, OSHA views safety violations very seriously and penalties for violating safety laws can be quite severe. In addition to being issued large fines, employers who violate safety regulations can be held liable for criminal charges.

We have listened to our members. NTMA-U has developed a Safety Awareness Training Program that includes:
Intro to Shop Safety
     General safety guidelines • Compressed air safety • Basic lifting • Hazardous materials • Basic shop safety rules • Housekeeping • Fire prevention
Machine Guarding
     Guarding methods • Hazards • Types of guards
Lockout/Tagout During Machine Repair
     Roles and responsibilities for shop owners and operators • Basic safe procedures for machine shops • Common shop equipment and their safe operation • Common warning signs and labels
     What is GHS? • What is SDS? • Hazard Identification • Physical and Chemical Properties
Safe Lifting
     Back and spine • Common causes of injury • How to avoid back injury • Techniques for safe lifting
Bloodborne Pathogens
     Defining bloodborne pathogens • Recognize OSHA Standards • Know employer responsibilities related to OSHA Compliance

NTMA-U now offers a complete Safety Training package – a single source for your industrial safety needs – at a price that can’t be beat! 
$149 per employee or enroll 10 employees for only $99 each!

For more information about NTMA-U contact NTMA Vice President, Ken McCreight at or call (216) 264-2834.





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