NTMA Sponsors MFG Day for the Third Consecutive Year

NTMA has pledged our support to MFG Day for the third consecutive year. As a sponsor, NTMA helps the resources to support manufacturers participating in the program, a grassroots effort by U.S. manufacturers to improve public perception of manufacturing in America by coordinating awareness-raising activities at a variety of locations across the country on October 7, 2016.

Manufacturing Day is an annual national event, executed at the local level that supports thousands of manufacturers across the nation as they host students, teachers, parents, job seekers and other local community members at open houses designed to showcase modern manufacturing technology and careers.

“The co-producers are grateful for the continued, dedicated support of NTMA which is so committed to serving the machinery and tooling manufacturers that drive the manufacturing sector forward,” said Ed Youdell, president and CEO of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association. “Their reputation and their reach to professionals in the industry, as well as their efforts to develop a new generation of skilled employees for the industry through their apprenticeship program and the National Robotics League, will help to generate participation in Manufacturing Day events across the nation.”

To learn more about Manufacturing Day, visit Organizations that wish to become involved as official sponsors should call 888-394-4362 or email Edge Factor has also created a toolkit for manufacturers to utilize in the planning and execution of their MFG Day event.

With school starting back up around the country, now is a good time for members to begin their outreach to schedule tours. One Voice created an MFG Day Guide which incorporates input and feedback to help you get started.





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