Chairman’s Corner

As I reflect on this month’s Chairman’s article, I write it from the standpoint of post Hurricane Sandy and post Presidential election. I am actually humbled by both events as they both carried a tremendous potential of risk, damage, and life changing effects for many different areas and people groups.

I am pleased to report that as of this date we know of no NTMA member who received catastrophic damage to their homes or businesses. Whereas many suffered minor damages and loss of power, it appears that our NTMA family was spared great damage. In saying that; I would remind each of us that even though our NTMA friends were not adversely affected, there were many families and business of our fellow Americans who did receive great damage and loss of life. I encourage each of us to reach out to those in need in our areas or through national organizations to help those who were, and remain in need from such a violent storm. This should also serve as a reminder to all of us both personally and professionally to be prepared both at our homes and at our businesses for such unplanned events as storms, hurricanes, tornados, and such. Taking an ongoing proactive lead in educating and preparing of our families, our employees, and their families could serve to protect the loss of life and property. In our businesses we so often talk about having a plan and working the plan. When it comes to safety, having a plan and working a plan is key for the safety of our families and employees. I encourage each of us to double check our safety plan.

As stated in my opening comments this is a post-election message as well. Whether the election results ended as you wanted or not, it dawned on me the personal responsibility I had as a husband, father, community leader, and business leader/owner to lead those who I influence personally or professionally regardless of the election results. Many woke up the next day devastated by the results while others rejoiced. This election was unique from the standpoint that there was a very vast difference in the two Presidential candidates as to their philosophy and direction for our country. For many of us our concerns rallied around the business climate of the past and the direction for future, while other’s concerns rallied around government support and government control. I truly believe that as business men and women that we have a huge responsibility in the leadership of our companies, communities, industry, and nation. Our resolve and commitment to our nation’s value is at an all-time high. Never before has our industry and nation needed leaders who will stand on behalf of the workers and families committed to hard work and an independent future without excessive government control and intrusiveness. NTMA is poised to assist each of you in the quest to stand and represent the manufacturing business community. The continued services and values offered to you as an NTMA member are there to help support your company’s growth and successful future. Our association is growing and positioned to the rallying point for the future of manufacturing in America. There is strength in numbers and we must continue to join together to create a critical mass to solidify the ongoing and future role of manufacturing in America’s national economy. Be reminded that for every new job our companies create that three other support jobs are created. No other industry provides such a great return of multi-valued job growth opportunity and as such positions each of us to be a part of America’s return to economic prosperity. I challenge each of us to accept our role as the leaders “of” today and the leaders “for” tomorrow.

The month included for me a visit to the St Louis Chapter’s installation banquet. I also had the privilege while there to visit numerous NTMA companies, several with the latest of technology. From the machining of the most complex of die molds to the most complex of aerospace machined parts the visits were amazing. We as an association truly represent the backbone of American manufacturing. My trip was highlighted by the opportunity to spend time with and to visit the shop and home of new Executive Team nominee; Herb Homeyer and his wife Lisa. Herb has a very impressive facility and a great team who together have grown a successful company. It was obvious to see that the selection of Herb to the Executive Team was a great choice and I am confident that Herb’s passion for our industry will pay dividends for us all. To top the choice off, Herb’s wife Lisa is icing on the cake and will be a great addition to the Executive Team’s spouses.

As I close this month’s message, I am reminded of those who sacrificed and took great risk to establish a new country and the celebration of “thanks” they acknowledged. Let each of us celebrate and acknowledge the privilege we have to live in the greatest nation in the world. In spite our nation’s flaws and challenges we remain a blessed people. As we celebrate the holiday season, I encourage each you to reflect on your role as a leader of your company and your role as one of our nation’s business leaders. Our companies and our nation need your leadership… NTMA is fortunate to have such a select group of member companies and we will do our best to represent you as a collective group. My personal commitment to you remains “Transforming for Competitiveness”.
From my family to each of yours; Happy Holidays.





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