2014 NTMA Safety Award Recipients Announced

The NTMA’s Annual Safety Award Survey is based on the OSHA Form 300A which Federal Law requires companies with more than ten employees to complete and post visibly in their plant February 1 through April 30 of the year following the year covered by the form.
The purpose of the survey is to present the top-performing companies with an NTMA Safety Award Certificate that can be proudly displayed in their company, as well as provide NTMA the composite data that will allow them to represent the member with OSHA and other regulatory agencies. A company’s eligibility to receive this award is determined by a calculation using the number of injuries versus the total number of man-hours worked in that calendar year. Those eligible to receive this award are among the best in the industry and something the owner and employees should be proud of.
Please join the NTMA in congratulating the NTMA members for receiving the award for their company’s excellent safety performance!
AccuRounds (Boston Chapter)
Advanced Tooling Specialists, Inc (Milwaukee Chapter)
Allied Specialty Precision Inc. (Michiana Chapter)
Apex Tool & Mfg., Inc. (Indiana Chapter)
Applegate EDM (North Texas Chapter)
Applied Engineering Inc. (General)
Armin Tool & Manufacturing, Inc (General)
Beaver Tool & Machine Co. (Philadelphia Delaware Valley Chapter)
Bendon Gear and Machine, Inc (Boston Chapter)
Betar Incorporated (Philadelphia Delaware Valley Chapter)
Bogue Machine Co. (New Mexico Chapter)
C&R Manufacturing Inc. (Kansas City Chapter)
Cardinal Machine Co. (Cleveland Chapter)
Colonial Machine Company (Akron Chapter)
Criterion Tool (Cleveland Chapter)
Dekalb Tool & Die (General)
Denver Machine Shop, Inc. (Rocky Mountain Chapter)
Designs For Tomorrow, Inc. (St. Louis Chapter)
Disposable Instrument Company (Kansas City Chapter)
DPI Inc. Philadelphia Delaware Valley Chapter
DRT Holdings, Inc. (Dayton Region Manufacturers Assn.)
Exact Tool & Die, Inc. (Cleveland Chapter)
F.H. Peterson Machine Corp. (Boston Chapter)
Fitz Machine Inc (Boston Chapter)
FM Machine Company (Akron Chapter)
Fox Valley Tool & Die, Inc (Milwaukee Chapter)
Great Western Grinding, Inc. (Los Angeles Chapter)
Grind All Inc. (Cleveland Chapter)
Hans Rudolph, Inc. (Kansas City Chapter)
Hellebusch Tool and Die (St. Louis Chapter)
Homeyer Precision Manufacturing (St. Louis Chapter)
Horst Engineering (Connecticut Chapter)
Howard Tool Company (Boston Chapter)
JD Machine Corp. (Northern Utah Chapter)
Jig Grinding Service Co. Inc. (Cleveland Chapter)
Kentucky Machine and Tool (Louisville Chapter)
Kuhn Tool & Die Co. (Northwestern Pennsylvania Chapter)
Laser Tool, Inc (Northwestern Pennsylvania Chapter)
Layke Inc. (Arizona Chapter)
M&H Engineering Co., Inc. (Boston Chapter)
Mahuta Tool Corp. (Milwaukee Chapter)
Major Tool & Machine (Indiana Chapter)
MIC Group LLC (Houston Chapter)
Micor Industries LLC (General)
Milco Wire EDM, Inc. dba Milco Waterjet (Los Angeles Chapter)
Mitchell Machine, Inc. (Western Massachesetts Chapter)
Mittler Bros. Machine & Tool (St. Louis Chapter)
Moseys Production Machinists, Inc. (Los Angeles Chapter)
Nolte Precise Manufacturing (Tri-State Tooling & Machining Assn.)
North Easton Machine Co., Inc (Boston Chapter)
NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc. (Northwestern Pennsylvania Chapter)
O-D Tool & Cutter, Inc. (Boston Chapter)
Overton & Sons Tool & Die (Indiana Chapter)
Patterson Mold and Tool (St. Louis Chapter)
Ponderosa Industries (Rocky Mountain Chapter)
QME Inc - Quality Mold & Engineering (Michiana Chapter)
R&M Manufacturing Co. (Michiana Chapter)
RM Machining, Inc. (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter)
RS Precision Industries, Inc. (General)
Sattler Companies (Akron Chapter)
Southeastern Technology (Tennessee Chapter)
Southern Manufacturing Tech., Inc. (Florida West Coast Chapter)
Stuart Tool & Die, Inc. (General)
Systems 3 Inc. (Arizona Chapter)
The Lloyd Company (Houston Chapter)
ThermoFusion, Inc. (San Francisco Bay Area Chapter)
Trec Industries, Inc. (Cleveland Chapter)
Tri-Craft Inc Cleveland Chapter
United Centerless Grinding & Thread Rolling (Connecticut Chapter)
United Tool & Machine Corporation (Boston Chapter)
United Tool and Engineering, Inc. (Michiana Chapter)
Upland Fab, Inc. (Los Angeles Chapter)
Warmelin Precision Products (Los Angeles Chapter)
WESCO Laser Machining (Rocky Mountain Chapter)
West Hartford Tool & Die Co Inc. (Connecticut Chapter)
Western Gage Corporation (San Fernando Valley Chapter)
Win-Tech, Inc. (General)
Wire Tech EDM, Inc. (Los Angeles Chapter)





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